What Kinds Of Welding Fixture Is Divided Into

- Jul 23, 2017-

                 In the welding structure production, assembly and welding are two important production processes, according to the process usually in two ways to complete the two processes, one is the first assembly after welding; We put the fixture which is used to assemble to carry on the position welding to make the assembly fixture; The fixture for soldering the FAI is called a swing fixture; They are collectively referred to as welding fixture.Welding Fixture

                  A complete fixture is made up of three parts, which are positioner, clamping mechanism and fixture body. In the welding operation, the use of more than one folder with a number of different clamping mechanisms and positioner of the complex fixture (also known as the jig or special fixture). Among them, the clamping mechanism and the positioner are common structural forms, except that the clamp is specially designed according to the structure of the welding parts.Welding Fixture

                  Most of the locators are stationary, and some are designed for easy soldering, telescopic or rotational, with manual, pneumatic and hydraulic drive. Clamping mechanism is the main part of the fixture ' its structural form is many, and it is relatively complex, and the driving mode is varied. In some large-scale complex fixture, the structure of clamping mechanism has many kinds and also uses many kinds of power source, has the manual to add the pneumatic, the pneumatic to add the electromagnetism and so on. This kind of multi power source fixture is called the hybrid clamp. In the advanced industrial countries home, a number of widely used clamping mechanism has been standardized, serialized, in the process of the design of the selection can be. Welding workers in China are carrying out research and development work in this area, we believe that we will soon have our own serialization, standardization of clamping institutions appear.Welding Fixture

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