Design Of Auto Welding Jig For NC Machining

- Jul 14, 2017 -

            Welding fixture is to ensure the size of welding parts, improve assembly accuracy and efficiency, prevent welding deformation of the fixture used. The requirements for the components of the welding fixture are: (1) The positioning surface and the mating surface require smooth; (2) parts with the use of pin positioning, fixture positioning generally using hole positioning and positioning, so that the size and location of the hole to be accurate and reliable; (3) in the design of parts should consider the process of NC machining and feasibility, shorten programming time, improve production efficiency.Auto Welding Jig

             In the NC machining, should minimize the auxiliary working hours, can not completely rely on the right to ensure the processing accuracy, otherwise it will multiply the workload. CNC machining using simple tooling for positioning clamping, part design should fully consider the convenience of clamping, that is, large enough clamping surface, parts can be accurately positioned in machine tools or simple tooling, clamping should be convenient and reliable processing, on the one hand, to ensure that the parts of the workpiece after the processing surface of the correct position of each other; On the other hand, once installed as far as possible to complete the parts on more surface processing, not easy to install the parts, can be considered on the parts to increase the process of convex table, technology, such as As shown in Fig. 1, the workpiece lacks a suitable positioning datum, so it increases two process lugs and makes a locating datum hole in the lug.Auto Welding Jig

             The precision design of parts is mainly from the dimension tolerance, shape position tolerance, surface roughness to consider rationality. In general, within the allowable range of numerical control equipment, to ensure the quality and performance of the premise, as far as possible to relax the tolerance requirements and reduce surface roughness requirements, which is easy to process and reduce costs, improve productivity. The form and position tolerances of the parts are directly guaranteed by the precision of the NC equipment, which is mainly affected by the precision of the kinematic pair of machine tools, such as turning, if the direction line along the z axis and its spindle axis are uneven, it is not possible to guarantee the geometrical tolerance requirement of the cylinder.Auto Welding Jig

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