The Function Of Auto Welding Jig Fixture In Production

- Jul 23, 2017-

               Welding fixture is the accurate positioning of welding parts and feasible clamping, easy to assemble and weld parts, to ensure the accuracy of the welding parts of the technical equipment. In modern welding production actively promote and use and product structure to adapt to the fixture. To improve product quality, reduce workers ' labor intensity, back to the welding production to achieve mechanization. Automation processes play a very important role.Auto Welding Jig

               In the welding production process, welding requires less work hours, and about 2/3 of the total processing time is used for preparation, assembly and other ancillary work, greatly affecting the production speed of welding. To this end, we must vigorously promote the use of mechanized and high degree of automation of assembly welding equipment.Auto Welding Jig

              The main functions of welding fixture are as follows: 1 accurate, feasible positioning and clamping, can reduce or even eliminate blanking and line work. Reduce the size of the product deviation, improve the accuracy of the parts and the change. 2 effectively prevent and reduce the welding deformation. 3 The workpiece is in the best welding position, the welding is well formed. The process defects are obviously reduced and the welding speed is improved. 4 the mechanical device instead of the manual assembly parts of the location, clamping and workpiece and other heavy work, sent workers working conditions. 5) can expand the use of advanced process methods to promote the production of welding structure mechanization and automation of the comprehensive development of the basic requirements of fixture design.Auto Welding Jig

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