Technical Application Of Plastic Part Checking Fixture

- Sep 13, 2017-

     With the rapid development of science and technology, the changeable market demand and the increasingly fierce competition of goods, the cycle of mechanical product renewal is getting shorter and smaller, and the proportion of many varieties and small batch production is becoming increasingly high. In order to apply the need of this situation, a variety of new fixture has appeared. The development direction of modern machine tool fixture is mainly manifested in the aspects of precision, high efficiency and flexibility. Here are some modern machine tool fixtures.Plastic Part Checking Fixture

     Adjustable fixture can be divided into universal adjustable fixture and group fixture (also known as special adjustable clamp) two categories. Their common feature is that as long as the replacement or adjustment of individual positioning, clamping or guiding elements can be used for a variety of parts processing, so that a variety of parts of small batches of production into a set of parts on the same fixture "mass production." After the product renewal, as long as belongs to the same type of parts, can still be processed on this fixture. Because adjustable fixture has strong adaptability and good inheritance, the use of adjustable clamp can reduce the number of special fixture, shorten the production preparation period and reduce the cost.Plastic Part Checking Fixture

     Universal adjustable fixture processing object is wide, sometimes processing object is not accurate. such as sliding-column drilling die, as long as the replacement of different positioning, clamping, guiding elements, can be used for different types of workpiece drilling. The group fixture is a fixture specially designed for the process of a group of parts in a group process. The parts group of group fixture processing should conform to the similarity principle of group process, the similarity principle mainly includes the following contents: The process is similar, the clamping surface is similar, the shape is similar, the material is similar; A group of process parts for processing the circular arc surface and one end face of the fork part, which accords with the similarity principle of the group process.Plastic Part Checking Fixture

    The design method of the group fixture is similar to the special fixture, firstly, a "compound part" is identified, which can represent the main features of the parts in the group, then design the fixture according to the "compound parts", and design the adjustable parts and replaceable parts based on the processing range of the parts. Should make the adjustment convenient, the replacement quickly, the structure is simple. Because the group fixture can form mass production, the high-efficiency clamping device, such as various pneumatic and hydraulic devices, can be used.Plastic Part Checking Fixture

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