Classification Of Auto Welding Jig

- Sep 01, 2017-

     The welding fixture shall be suitable for the following foundation requirements with proper accuracy and size invariance welding clamps in particular, such as the installation of positioning elements overview, installation of the Knife and guide elements overview and the specific installation of the base of the welding clamp, (and machine tool adjacent to the general situation) should be appropriate size and shape accuracy between them should be appropriate. Lined with leather wool cloth material used in the press on the upper and lower mold fixed.Auto Welding Jig

     In order to make the specific size of the welding clip unchanged, the forging welding clamp specifically to carry out aging processing, welding and forging welding clamp specific to be annealed. Primary component requirements: The use of K8-type three-claw self-centering (with both the positive claw and the reverse claw), can be used for clamping different ring or other shaft workpiece. In the middle position is determined, as soon as the contact or the match, as a whole position is also determined. Taking into account the coarse fine phase, in the rough car should cut last night department allowance, so the allowance for coarse cars, then the allowance for the total allowance minus the coarse car allowance, that is, the pressure, cement, cement, compressive strength, the first technical parameters.Auto Welding Jig

     For example, into the axis category, sets of classes, disk class, gear, lever, bracket category. Machine tool is a major component of mechanical process system. Adjustable means that the top position can be adjusted within a certain size. In order to make the bracket have enough stiffness, the bracket should have a larger installation base, and reasonable placement reinforcement to prevent vibration deformation. 2 clamping scheme, the foundation requires that the correct position in the mechanical process is determined to prevent the displacement and vibration in the cutting force, inertia force, centrifugal gravity dip, and the bed shall be clamped securely.Auto Welding Jig

     The automatic welding machine is a welding automation equipment specially designed for a specific workpiece and a certain shape welded joint. Through electrical control, pneumatic control and hydraulic control technology, to achieve the motor, pneumatic actuators, hydraulic components of the rotation or movement, to achieve the workpiece weld and the relative movement of the torch, so as to automatically complete the welding joint work.Auto Welding Jig

     The control system of this kind of welding machine usually adopts open-loop control, which is the preset parameter of the control system, which is executed by the execution component in accordance with the procedure of control program. This kind of equipment is simple in structure, the technical requirement and the cost is relatively low, therefore obtains the massive use. Because in the welding process, the fluctuation of welding parameters can not be closed-loop feedback control, the welding head or welding workpiece movement can only be in accordance with the predetermined path or trajectory, can not change with the workpiece weld.Auto Welding Jig

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