The Main Function Of Welding Fixture

- Sep 13, 2017-

     Welding fixture and its application in production: welding fixture is the accurate positioning of welding parts and reliable clamping, easy to assemble and weld parts, to ensure the accuracy of the welding parts of the process equipment requirements. In modern welding production, actively promote and use the product structure to adapt to the fixture, to improve product quality, reduce labor intensity, speed welding production to achieve mechanization, automation process, etc. plays a very important role.Welding Fixture

     In the welding production process, welding requires less work hours, and about 2/3 of the total processing time is used for preparation, assembly and other ancillary work, greatly affecting the production speed of welding. To this end, we must vigorously promote the use of mechanized and high degree of automation of assembly welding equipment.Welding Fixture

     The main functions of the welding fixture are as follows: accurate and reliable positioning and clamping, which can reduce or even cancel the blanking and marking work. Reduce the size deviation of the product, improve the accuracy and the change of the parts. Effectively prevent and reduce the welding deformation. The workpiece is in the best welding position, the weld is well formed, the process defects are obviously reduced and the welding speed is improved. The working conditions of workers have been improved by replacing the heavy work of positioning, clamping and workpiece turnover in the manual assembly parts. It can enlarge the application scope of advanced process method, promote the comprehensive development of mechanization and automatization of welding structure production.Welding Fixture

     The basic requirements of fixture design: fixture should have enough strength and rigidity. Fixture in the production of the use of a variety of efforts to withstand the role, so the fixture should have sufficient strength and stiffness. Clamping reliability. Clamping can not destroy the position of the workpiece location and ensure that the shape of the product and size to conform to the drawing requirements. It can not allow the workpiece to loose slip, and do not make the constraint of the workpiece through large, resulting in greater restraint stress. Flexibility of welding operations. Welding Fixture

     The use of fixture production should ensure adequate welding space, so that operators have a good vision and operating environment, so that the entire process of welding production in a stable working conditions, easy to weld parts handling. The operation should take into account products in the assembly positioning welding or welding can be smoothly removed from the fixture, but also products in the flip or suspension to make the damage. Good workmanship. The fixture should be designed to be easy to manufacture, install and operate, and easy to inspect, repair and replace easily damaged parts. The design should also consider the existing clamping power source, hoisting capacity and installation site and other factors, reduce fixture manufacturing costs.Welding Fixture

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