Surface Shape Machining Of Welding Fixture

- Oct 31, 2017-

In the NC machining, should minimize the auxiliary working hours, can not completely rely on the right to ensure the processing accuracy, otherwise it will multiply the workload. NC Machining uses simple tooling for positioning clamping, part design should be fully considered to facilitate the clamping, that is, large enough clamping surface, parts can be accurately positioned in machine tools or simple tooling, clamping should be convenient and reliable processing, on the one hand, to ensure that the parts after a number of times after the processing of the surface of the mutual position between the correctness.Welding Fixture

On the other hand, once installed as far as possible to complete the parts on more surface processing, not easy to install the parts, can be considered in the parts to increase the process of convex table, process lug and other auxiliary benchmarks. As shown in Fig. 1, the workpiece is missing a suitable positioning datum, so two additional process lugs are added, and a locating datum hole is produced on the lug.Welding Fixture 

The positioning surface and the mating surface requirements are smooth, the parts with the use of pin positioning, fixture positioning generally using hole positioning and surface positioning, so the size and location of the hole should be accurate and reliable, in the design of parts should consider the process of NC machining and feasibility, shorten the programming time, improve production efficiency.Welding Fixture

Machined surface shapes should be as simple as possible to avoid unnecessary supplementary processing, as far as possible using internal and external cylindrical surface and plane. Part flange, the first processing into the whole circle, cut off both sides of the two-sided arc; the structure, without the two-sided arc complementary processing does not affect the use of flange performance.Welding Fixture

Complex, machining difficult parts can be decomposed and processed. To meet the requirements of the use of the premise, if the complex parts can be decomposed into several simple parts processed separately, and then combined, can significantly improve production efficiency. If the sleeve part is designed as a blind hole, it is difficult to process the spherical bottom surface in the hole. In order to facilitate the processing and measurement, the structure can be decomposed into a sleeve and spherical bottom cushion block two pieces, the ball-shaped bottom surface processing on the cushion block, and then inlay the human sleeve.Welding Fixture

The structure of the welding fixture parts is not only easy to ensure the assembly accuracy, but also easy to assemble, so that the assembly consumes less labor, the assembly cycle is short and the assembly cost is low. The commonly used assembly structure is as follows: When two cone fits, the end of the cone and the bottom of the cone hole should be a certain gap, for the convenience of 20 pieces of coordination position and improve stability, in the design of a certain shoulder surface, as shown in Fig. 10, the use of shoulder and retaining ring method can ensure rapid positioning, but also increase stability.Welding Fixture

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