Specification For Plastic Part Checking Fixture For Plastics Parts

- Oct 31, 2017 -

CNC Milling Machine Production parts, each part of the clamping to ensure that the part of the center, the circumference of the direction of the consistency, we must design a simple special fixture, so that positioning accuracy and processing accuracy is guaranteed, the parts of the processing quality and production efficiency is improved.Plastic Part Checking Fixture 

From the clamping method considered. Parts for thin-walled parts, with three-jaw centering chuck directly clamping will produce deformation. φ42mm Outer circle has 1 R1.2mm convex teeth, and to be machined 3-φ5mm through hole, φ10mm through hole and location requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the design of special fixture, the fixture should not only ensure the location of each part of the clamping precision, but also to avoid the part of the process of deformation.Plastic Part Checking Fixture

Because the material is stainless steel, the plasticity, the toughness is very good, belongs to the difficult cutting material, has the very big influence to the cutting speed. Cutting chip deformation large, poor chip capacity, easy to produce a chip, resulting in workpiece surface roughness, cutting processing is poor. If the cutting dosage selection is unreasonable, the tool will wear rapidly. Because φ10mm hole and φ21mm hole intersect, processing φ10mm hole, if using φ10mm bit direct processing forming, when drilling through φ21mm hole and φ18mm step outer Circle, the bit will unilateral cutting, will cause the hole skew.Plastic Part Checking Fixture

The three-jaw centering Chuck used for clamping has also been reformed, and a 1-φ6mm locating pin has been fixed on the three-jaw centering Chuck, which is used for the circumferential orientation of the elastic positioning jacket on the three-jaw centering Chuck. When processing the first part, first, the parts are R1.2mm convex teeth and elastic positioning jacket on the width of 2.4mm, deep 2mm groove alignment, loaded in the elastic positioning jacket, the bottom of the part of the elastic jacket φ42mm hole and φ38mm hole formed step plane.Plastic Part Checking Fixture

Then, the elastic positioning clamp set of the parts is clamped on the three-jaw centering Chuck, and the φ6mm locating pin card on the three-jaw centering Chuck is positioned in a wide positioning groove on the elastic positioning clamp sleeve. Adjust the elastic positioning jacket on the left and right sides width of 0.15mm correction slot and adjust the position of the three-jaw centering Chuck, so that the elastic positioning jacket on the left and right two slots of the center line with the machine tool Workbench parallel to the x-axis, at this time the three-jaw centering chuck with a platen fixed on the work table can be machined parts.Plastic Part Checking Fixture

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