Technical Support For Interior Plastic Parts Checking Fixture

- Oct 31, 2017 -

The process of computer-aided fixture design generally goes through the 3 stages of overall design, technical design and detailed design. The overall design includes the analysis of the design and process information of parts, the selection of fixture forms, the design of positioning guide devices, the design of clamping mechanism, the calculation of clamping force and positioning error, etc.Interior Plastic Parts Checking Fixture 

The main design parameters of fixture elements and the overall structure of fixture are preliminarily determined. Technical design is the process of materialization of the programmes identified in the overall design phase, that is, in the three-dimensional design environment to complete the part of the specific design and assembly diagram design, interference testing and clamping analysis, so as to verify the correctness of the concept design, and correct the conceptual design errors and unreasonable. Detailed design is the final stage of fixture design , the main work is to complete the design of two-dimensional drawings of parts.Interior Plastic Parts Checking Fixture

It provides a strong technical support for Computer aided fixture design, which can realize the integration of fixture management, process analysis and design, fixture structure design and fixture assembly process, and provide a powerful design tool based on three-dimensional model, which can accomplish many work in the design process. Thin-walled parts are complex in shape, relatively small in rigidity, easy to deform and difficult to process. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of automation level, the design method of thin-walled workpiece fixture based on general CAD system has greatly improved the machining technology of thin-walled parts.Interior Plastic Parts Checking Fixture

Stiffness analysis of thin-walled parts, because the wall thickness of the part is very small, it is easy to deform and affect the machining accuracy when the radial clamping force of the claw is affected, and even if the stress exceeds the yield stress of the material, it will cause the parts to be damaged, so it is necessary to analyze the deformation of the clamping force. Fixture optimization Scheme design. The gripper and the part are in line contact, and the quantity is small, can enlarge the contact area and increase the clamping element quantity to reduce the local stress, causes the part to deform evenly, achieves reduces the local deformation quantity the goal.Interior Plastic Parts Checking Fixture

The main clamping function is realized by clamping internal cam. The inner surface is machined with 4 evenly distributed cam curves, which drive the rotation of the annular cam by rotating the clamping handle, pushing the 4 clamping elements of the radial uniform to move along the radial, and finally clamping the parts. The clamping element is machined into an arc surface consistent with the outer diameter of the part, which achieves the effect of homogenization pressure.Interior Plastic Parts Checking Fixture

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