Production Efficiency Of Auto Welding Jig

- Oct 20, 2017-

In the Machine tool processing, in order to ensure machining accuracy and improve productivity, the workpiece in the machine tool on the relative tool occupies the correct position, this process is called positioning. In the cutting process, in order to overcome the workpiece by external forces (inertia force, cutting force, gravity, etc.) and the role of damage positioning, but also to the workpiece clamping force, this process is called clamping.Auto Welding Jig

Positioning and clamping two process of the synthesis is called clamping, complete workpiece clamping process equipment is called machine tool fixture. The realization of fixture of the machine tool must satisfy three conditions: the fixture is accurately mounted on the machine tool, the workpiece occupies the correct machining position in the fixture, and the relative fixture of the cutter has the exact position.Auto Welding Jig Laser welding of steel, the use of laser beam and substrate action time short characteristics, when the beam is removed, molten metal cooling rapidly, and then the principle of rapid solidification. The crystallization speed of liquid metal is larger than the center of molten pool, which makes the weld metal produce cell-like crystals near the edge of molten pool. In the near Welding center, because the temperature gradient has no edge area high and the composition is too supercooled, the weld metal in this area is mostly raised by Dendrite.Auto Welding Jig

In the Weld Center area, the molten pool metal temperature gradient is very small, the molten pool is not molten suspended particles are not spontaneous nucleation of the ready-made surface, these grains are not affected by other heat dissipation conditions, can be free to grow, and promote the formation of steel weld seam and other fusion Laser welding technology used in the power can reach the infrared radiation pulse in the room of dozens of watts, if the low temperature, this value will be 3 times times the original value, and finally produce drastic changes to achieve the preset effect.Auto Welding Jig

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