Processing Performance Of Plastic Part Checking Fixture

- Sep 22, 2017-

     Low stiffness of thin-walled parts poor processing technology, clamping force, cutting force are easy to make parts deformation, resulting in processing error. Reasonable fixture can ensure the workpiece accurate positioning and stability clamping, the workpiece deformation and displacement control in the accuracy of the requirements, is to ensure that the key to the machining accuracy of thin-walled parts.Plastic Part Checking Fixture

    The process of computer aided fixture design generally goes through the 3 stages of overall design, technical design and detailed design. The overall design includes the analysis of the design and process information of parts, the selection of fixture forms, the design of positioning guide devices, the design of clamping mechanism and the calculation of clamping force and positioning error, etc. The main design parameters of fixture elements and the general structure of fixture are preliminarily determined.Plastic Part Checking Fixture

     Technical design is the process of concrete design in the overall design phase, that is, to complete the design of the parts in the three-dimensional design environment, and to carry out the interference inspection and the clamping analysis, so as to verify the correctness of the concept design. and correct the errors and unreasonable in the conceptual design. Detailed design is the final stage of fixture design, the main work is to complete the design of two-dimensional drawings of parts.Plastic Part Checking Fixture

     Computer-Aided fixture design provides a strong technical support, can achieve fixture management, process analysis and design, fixture structure design and fixture assembly process integration. SolidWorks provides a powerful design tool based on three-dimensional models that can accomplish many of the work in the design process. Plastic Part Checking Fixture

     The cosmosmotion can simulate the mechanical operation of fixture assemblies and the forces they produce. By identifying various relevant factors (such as energy consumption, interference between moving parts), Determine if the design will fail, when the parts will break, and whether they are in danger of security.Plastic Part Checking Fixture

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