Welding Work Of Welding Fixture

- Sep 22, 2017-

     There are many kinds of welding fixture, which can be summarized and categorized as follows: According to the use of the assembly of several fixtures, this type of fixture main task is according to product drawings and process requirements, the welding parts or parts of the mutual position can be accurately fixed, the workpiece only on it and the point fixed (that is, spot welding), Without completing the entire welding work. Welding Fixture

     The welding fixture has been fixed on this type of fixture, complete welding of all welds. Its main task is to prevent welding deformation, and make the weld in various locations as far as possible to adjust to the most favorable position of dry welding.Welding Fixture

     Assembling a welding fixture on the fixture can complete the entire assembly and welding work, both of which have the performance of the two fixtures. According to the scope of application: General fixture also known as Universal fixture, this type of fixture without adjustment or a little adjustment, can be applied to different workpiece assembly or welding work. Special fixture is only applicable to the assembly or welding of a workpiece, after the product transformation, the fixture is no longer applicable. Welding Fixture

     According to the power source: manual clamp by manpower to push the clamping mechanism to achieve the clamping of the workpiece month. Pneumatic clamp is also called wind-driven fixture. The use of compressed air to promote clamping mechanism, clamping workpiece. The electric clamp uses electromagnetic attraction to clamp the workpiece.Welding Fixture

    From the point of view of the specific driving mode, the butt welding fixture is divided into the non driving welding fixture and manual welding fixture as well as pneumatic welding fixture. No-drive welding fixture is mainly divided into a positioning block positioning components welding fixture and positioning pin positioning components welding fixture, no drive welding fixture only need to carry out the positioning operation, then on this basis no need to exert too much power.Welding Fixture

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