Clamping Point And Function Of Auto Welding Jig

- Sep 13, 2017-

     Positioning mode and Components selection: The role of the locator is to make the workpiece in the fixture with accurate and uncertain position, in the case of ensuring processing requirements, to limit enough freedom. The positioning principle of the workpiece: free object has six degrees of freedom in the space right angle coordinate system, that is, along the Ox, OY, oz three axis translational degrees of freedom and three axis of rotation degrees of freedom. For the workpiece to have an exact and invariant position in the clip, six degrees of freedom must be limited.Auto Welding Jig

     The Six Degrees of freedom of the workpiece are limited to the positioning is called complete positioning, the workpiece is limited to less than six degrees of freedom, but still can ensure that the processing requirements of the positioning is not fully positioned. In welding production, in order to adjust and control the inevitable welding stress and deformation, some degree of freedom is unnecessary, so the method of incomplete positioning can be adopted. Auto Welding Jig

     In the design of welding fixture, the degree of freedom which should be limited according to the processing requirement and the lack of limitation is not allowed; The method of choosing two or more support points to limit one degree of freedom is called over position, the position is easily changed, the deformation of workpiece or locating element is caused by clamping, and the positioning accuracy of workpiece is affected, The positioning also belongs to unreasonable design.Auto Welding Jig

     The three elements of clamping mechanism are the determination of the direction of clamping force, the determination of the point and the size of clamping force. The basic requirements for clamping mechanism are as follows: The clamping action is accurate, the clamping state should be able to keep the self-locking and ensure the clamping position is safe and reliable. Clamping action quickly, easy to operate, clamping should not damage the surface quality of the parts, clamping pieces should have a certain degree of rigidity and strength, clamping force should be adjustable. The structure is simple, easy to manufacture and maintain. Auto Welding Jig

    The struts are selected by the baffle screw clamping device, the two parts of the engine liner are selected by the fast withdrawal type spiral clamping device, the nut M6 and the assembly of the 2 horn support are selected by the screw clamping mechanism.Auto Welding Jig

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