Plastic Tray Molding Method

- May 23, 2016 -

Plastic trays in the following four ways:

First: injection molding method.

Injection molded plastic pallets of products production by flat, smooth, crisp, dense, greater latitude in product design, divided into double-integral plastic tray and duplex-type assembled plastic pallet.

Double-integral pallet weight products in more than 15 kilograms/blocks, shape is more complex, require clamping force of more than 2500 ton injection molding machine production. This type of pallet style complex, large investment, high cost, due to less production procedure, production efficiency high, product quality is good. Not many current General plastics factory uses this method.

Double-sided Assembly type pallet, double-integral tray is divided into two pieces, injection molded and assembled into again, respectively. Although this product 2 die, but die structure is greatly simplified, die total investment is still cheaper than the whole, and also reduces clamping force requirements for equipment, ≥ 1500 tons clamping force, General plastics processing plants are relatively easy to do. This mode may become the mainstream production of plastic trays.

Second: extrusion-blow moulding method.

Plastic tray of extrusion-hollow blow plastic forming and General of hollow products blow plastic forming method phase similar, but for its products larger, and for double type, need larger of extrusion machine, and collection die machine and mold,, but mold, and equipment of input to than injection forming small have more, process simple, cost lower, but products not dense, flat degrees poor, wall thick uniform control compared difficult.

Third: vacuum molding.

Vacuum molding production of plastic trays are single-sided and double-sided two. Single-sided plastic tray used for small motors (such as vacuum cleaner motors, electric tools, motors and other) as well as cable, packaging, transportation, recently developed a fast and dedicated. Double-sided plastic trays are assembled, 2 kinds of forms: upper for long, fixed-width plastic extrusion sheet, lower for large vacuum products upper and lower halves are for large vacuum suction plastic products. Production of the Act requires a large vacuum equipment, lower equipment costs, tooling costs are also lower, but not uniform wall thickness.

The fourth kind: four extrusion

The production of plastic trays are assembled. The extruder, die and other equipment, extrusion, respectively as upper and lower panels with slats and as supporting the connection of I-shaped connecting plate with a double wing, and then assemble them. The appearance of wood-plastic composites, promotes the development of extrusion of plastic pallets. It is based on natural plant fibers (including wood powder shell, straw, rice bran, etc) and waste plastics as raw materials, plastic tray with wood texture, and has the advantage of water, pest resistance, and planing, sawing, nailing. 4 forming method, the production equipment, tooling cost the least, lowest cost, price-performance ratio the best, currently in Beijing, Guangdong and other places on this product.

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