SMC Composite As A Whole Bathroom Into A Stylish Décor,

- May 23, 2016-

The whole bathroom "fade into fashion, but many people did not really know what is" the whole bathroom. " What are its characteristics? Suitable for home use?

The whole bathroom renovation the owners of all ages, there are three main advantages:

Advantages: easy saves time

Bathroom home improvement is the focus, traditional decorations would inevitably have to run around purchasing construction materials and sanitary ware, bother to stare at the construction site. However, the whole kitchen and bathroom decoration, using dry construction without cement and sand, only use screws, adhesives. This avoids the construction of material errors and the troubles caused by improper decoration, and let people have fun with DIY, two people spend half a day to a day of extra effort and you're done, shorten the construction period.

Advantage II: structure

First, total bathroom in structural design pursue the most efficient use of space, even in the bathroom less than 2 square metres, has a corresponding whole room available.

Secondly, the whole bathroom tub and floor molding, No stitching cracks, so as to solve the common ground between health and easy leakage that had bedevilled many family problems.

Finally, the whole kitchen is a complete product is completely designed according to ergonomic principles, more reasonable than traditional kitchen decoration. Scientific design and exquisite workmanship of complementarity, which is reflected even in smaller places can, like bathrooms are no dead in the bathroom as a whole structure and easy to clean.

Advantage three: excellent material

Whole bathroom floor, walls, ceiling, bathtub is made of SMC composites, SMC is a special material for aircraft and spacecraft, have light tight, smooth surface, heat insulation, anti-excellent characteristics such as age and long service life. Than the average bathroom wall are easy to absorb moisture, rough on the surface is not easy to clean, the whole bathroom's advantage is obvious.

To avoid misunderstandings overall coordination

See "the whole bathroom" fashion and advantages, but there are still many owners to the bathroom there is some misunderstanding. In the expert's view, most of the overall bathroom there are two misconceptions:

Myth: some may think that, there is the whole bathroom toilet, wash basin, bathtub. People have become accustomed to United States toilet and basin, Germany shower faucet, and Italy in the bathtub, Japan's ceramic tile, China Cabinet ... ... But Chinese-style and Western-style how to coordinate? Classical and modern uniform? Is only one color and three? Renovated bathroom where there is always so much discord. This bathroom can only be described as "individual products are put together."

Misconception two: originated in Japan "plastic box". It's just a metaphor, Japan very crowded living environment, all sanitary facilities must be placed in one or two square meters of a small space, so the so-called plastic moulded the whole bathroom, it mainly as a whole is that it is molded chassis as a whole, has the function of waterproof and leak-proof. Its low costs, a large amount of replication features that make it more for airplane and hotel decoration, this bath personalized limits, should also not be allowed to do the real meaning of the whole bathroom.

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