Briefly Advantages Of Granite Slab

- May 23, 2016-

Briefly advantages of granite slab

Granite slab: using rock tools even if they were heavy bump up a few grains of ballast. Granite slab which is better than the excellent fine measurement benchmarks for cast iron and steel parts, you can get high and stable precision. My company produces granite slab 1000x630mm '00'-level granite slab, put aside a year later, still insisted on the accuracy of the same.

Granite plate: made of excellent underground layers of rock, through millions of years of natural aging, shape is very safe, not anxiety attack because of the temperature difference between the practice of deformation. Granite granite slab by severe physical experiment and selection of materials, Crystal fine, sturdy. Because granite is non-metallic materials, there is no magnetic response, there is no plastic deformation. Granite slab to its high hardness and precision adhere well.

Granite platform: it is made with natural stone information benchmark measurements of the fine tools, granite slab for fine instruments, tools, mechanical parts inspection, is the ideal base, especially for high precision measurement.

Granite slab with: high precision, no rust, acid and alkali, no magnetization, the same type, good wear resistance, strength. Granite slab under a heavy load and temperature usually stick to secure. My company produces fine granite slab measuring, selection of excellent natural granite material machining, craftsmanship refinements of form.

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