Programmed Design Of Cylinder Action Of Welding Fixture

- Jul 14, 2017 -

              Gas path design is often encountered in the welding structure. In order to manipulate the safety or out of the technical requirements for some of the more complex fixture structure, often require the aerodynamic action has a certain sequence. There are three ways to achieve this: 1 different actions with different valves. This design requires the operator to remember the order of operation, otherwise it is easy to have a safety problem or damage the workpiece. 2 provide a signal that the cylinder is in position by using a proximity switch, such as fixing a magnetic ring on the cylinder. This design, due to the addition of electromagnetic components, makes the gas path complicated. 3 The air valve itself is designed to identify the position of the cylinder. This design can be programmed for some complex welding structures. Taking the welding fixture of the trunk door of our company as an example, this paper expounds the application of the programmed design of the cylinder action in the welding fixture.Welding Fixture

              Pickup truck rear compartment door assembly mainly has the following components welding: rear door body, side plate assembly, rear door internal strengthening plate, hinge board. Taking the side plate and the rear door body's group welding as an example: Our company adopts the welding fixture structure shown in Fig. 1. According to the product structure, the side plate must be positioned with the positioning pin. In order to simplify the operation, the locating pin is fixed on the side plate positioning board so that the limit plate must be active in order to remove the welding assembly smoothly.Welding Fixture

              When the operation, first the backdoor body placed on the fixture and reliable positioning, in the cylinder under the action of the limit plate pushed in place, and then the side plate to locate the positioning pin installed on the fixture, to ensure that with the limit plate fitting well, and then with the pressure of the workpiece clamped after welding. After the welding is finished, the pressure head is opened, then the limit plate is opened, the position pin is exited and the pressure head is furthest back so that the workpiece can be removed smoothly.Welding Fixture

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