Design Method And Technique Of Welding Fixture

- Jun 27, 2017-

      1. Basic requirements for fixture design (1) Fixture fixture should have sufficient strength and rigidity (2) clamping reliability (3) Welding operation flexibility (4) Facilitate the handling of welding parts (5) Good workmanship

      2. Basic methods and steps of fixture Design (1) Preparation before design The original data of fixture design include the following: 1 Fixture design Task List, 2 workpiece drawing and technical condition, 3 workpiece assembly process specification, 4 fixture Design technical condition, 5 fixture standardization and normalization data, including national standard, factory standard and normalized structure atlas, etc. (2) The design of step 1 to determine the fixture structure scheme 2) Drawing fixture work General drawing Stage 3) drawing assembly Welding fixture part diagram Stage 4) writing assembly welding Fixture Design specification 5) when necessary, also need to write the assembly welding fixture manual, including the performance of the machine, the use of attention items and so on.Welding Fixture.

     3. Accuracy of fixture manufacturing requires fixture manufacturing tolerances, according to the function and assembly requirements of fixture components can be divided into four types of fixture components: 1 The first type is directly contact with the workpiece, and strictly determine the position and shape of the workpiece, mainly including the joint positioning parts, V-shaped blocks, positioning pins and other positioning elements. 2 The second category is a variety of guide parts, such elements are not directly contact with the location of the workpiece, but it determines the position of the first type of components. 3 The third category is the fixture elements which are fit for the internal structure parts of the fixture, such as the tolerance of the mating dimension between the components of the clamping device. 4 The fourth category is not to affect the position of the workpiece, nor with other components, such as the main frame of the fixture.Welding Fixture.

     4. Fixture Structure and manufacturability (1) The basic requirements for the good workmanship of jig 1 The composition of the whole fixture structure should be used as far as possible, and the proportion of manufactured parts should be as little as possible, reducing the manufacturing labor and reducing the cost. 2 A variety of special parts and parts of the structure of the shape should be easy to manufacture and measurement, assembly and debugging convenience. 3 Convenient for fixture maintenance and repair. (2) Reasonable selection of Assembly Datum 1) The Assembly datum shall be a separate datum surface or line on the fixture, and the position of the other components only adjusts and repairs the surface or line. 2. Once the Assembly datum is finished, its position and size should not be changed again. Therefore, those surfaces or lines where their position and size must be adjusted or fitted during the assembly process cannot be used as assembly benchmarks. (3) The structure of the adjustable is often used to rely on bolts fastening, pin positioning method, adjustment and assembly fixture, can be a component size easier to repair. can also be used between components and components to adjust the washer, adjust the gasket or adjust the sleeve to control the assembly size, compensation for other components of the error, improve fixture accuracy. (4) The maintenance of the process of fixture design, should take into account the problem of convenient maintenance.Welding Fixture.

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