Virtual Assembly, Motion Simulation And Design Of Auto Welding Jig

- Jun 27, 2017-

    Virtual assembly and motion simulation of automatic welding mechanism: automatic welding mechanism is one of the components of automatic cutting welding machine, which can realize the automatic clamping of the brake beam. Virtual assembly and motion simulation are based on the characteristics of the shape and precision of the product, using computer graphics and simulation technology to simulate the actual assembly process of the product and simulate the movement of the machine. This subject combines the characteristics and requirements of automatic welding mechanism, utilizes three-dimensional digital modeling and virtual Assembly and motion simulation of pro software to optimize the design and motion analysis and simulation of automatic welding mechanism. It solves the unreasonable phenomenon of displacement, velocity and interference in the design of welding mechanism and the technical problems of optimizing mechanism design.Auto Welding Jig.

    Automatic Welding Fixture Design: The design is based on a flexible fixture system with welding robot, which can rotate under the action of the motor, so as to make the welding robot convenient for welding machine in different places. With positioning clamping mechanism.Auto Welding Jig.

   Automatic welding fixture design, SolidWorks2014 design, including detailed three-dimensional model, containing features, can be edited and modified, mechanism complex, after decompression size close to $number MB, a total of more than 295 parts, fixture of its own measuring device is based on the basis of the fixture floor, so in the design fixture floor, should be left with sufficient position to set up a measuring device of the benchmark groove to meet the actual measurement needs. In addition, without affecting the positioning and positioning mechanism assembly and locating slots, the frame structure should be used as far as possible, which can save material and reduce the weight of fixture, which is especially important for the accompanying fixture on the assembly line.Auto Welding Jig.

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