Inspection Fixture For Interior Plastic Parts Checking Fixture

- Jun 27, 2017 -

     1. Materials used to check the content of materials including the correct or not, the proportion of water is generally 5:5, from raw materials and plastic parts, we can hardly tell what is the material, so the materials should be inspected in the process of continuous monitoring and feeding, according to the label on the material bag to check the materials, the basis for inspection of materials generally for injection molding notice (Ben Huai Blue Single, provided by the plastic department), some special materials required according to the P single or BOM.Interior Plastic Parts Checking Fixture.

     2. Packaging Inspection 2.1 packaging inspection including plastic parts of a single packaging, plastic bag container selection (such as plastic bag boxes, etc., packaging Basic requirements are: easy to scrape the plastic pieces must be covered with protective paper to cover the plastic bag (such as lid-color water tank cover, etc.) must be separated from the plating adhesive paper each or layered isolation. 2.2 Packaging requirements according to plastic injection molding notice (such as marked electroplating, spray pu oil, hair spray, etc., the basic requirements: layered flat put, neat and not dispersed.

     3. The word Mark content/Direction Inspection 3.1 Word mark content contains the product electrical performance, the safety regulation mark and the registration number, the registered trademark, the model, the origin, as well as some special warning statements, the above content is not essential, the so-called make, loses the knowledge, examines according to P single. 3.2 Direction inspection is based on sample.Interior Plastic Parts Checking Fixture.

     4. Shape check: The shape is not included in the wrong mold and process parts dislocation and die break deformation, open the shape of the beer when checking to IPQC sample to do as the standard, if not, need to consult the model notice.

     5. Structural inspection (control of the structure of sample, finished) the order of inspection is the column-hole position-the buckle-pitting 5.1 column position check: Check whether the column is less, column height measurement, whether or not to skew, whether the batch front affects the assembly. 5.2 Hole Position Check: Check whether the hole is a few, plugging holes, large or small aperture. 5.3 Buckle Check: Check whether the buckle is broken, batch front, glue, have no back buckle, Labai and deformation. 5.4 Eclipse Word Check: Check if there is any error or clarity in the eclipse character. 5.5 Inspection basis: Sample office, finished product.

     6. Strength testing 6.1 Rubber parts strength is not the main use of the wrong material or water ratio too large, another possibility is the mold design problems. 6.2 Strength test The current method of use is: A. Drop test: Test requirements, Rubber parts simulation Assembly finished (that is, with the heaviest parts assembly), from 3 feet or 6 feet high free landing three times, drop azimuth should consider the most easily damaged position. B. Bending test: The rubber piece bends 3 times according to the stipulation requirement, does not break to receive the standard. C. Extrusion testing: Test requirements: to a certain degree of pressure to squeeze the rubber pieces to the acceptance of the standard, the strength of this test squeeze is difficult to measure, you can put the plastic parts on the worktable surface, with pressure gauges for oppression.Interior Plastic Parts Checking Fixture.

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