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- May 14, 2018-

Sunyuu checking fixture are simple tools for industrial production enterprises to control various sizes of products. checking fixture are suitable for mass production of products, such as automotive parts, instead of professional measuring tools, such as vernier caliper, depth ruler, etc.

1. purposes

By setting up the technical requirements for checking fixture (CMM holding fixture), we can follow the unified technical standard and evaluation index when making checking fixture (CMM holding fixture) in planning, designing and manufacturing, accepting and using.

2. scope of application

The technical requirements for inspection and related to the body part surface size or assembly size and body coordinate system of checking fixture(CMM holding fixture).

3. responsibility

It is responsible for the preparation, maintenance, upgrading and distribution of the technical requirements.

The part supplier is responsible for the implementation and implementation of the technical requirements in the planning, design, manufacture, acceptance and use of the CMM holding fixture (checking fixtures).

4. provisions

An overview of 4.1 gauges (measurement supports)

Definition of 4.1.1 detector (measurement bracket)

checking fixture is a kind of special inspection equipment used to measure and evaluate the quality of parts size.

In parts of the production site, by checking out online detection of parts, this part needs to be accurately mounted on the fixture, and then by visual inspection or measurement table, or calipers on the part surface, surrounding the examination, can also use visual inspection or test pin for the connection position between the different nature of the hole and parts and parts, so as to ensure the production and start production to achieve rapid judgment part quality status. In this case, through eye examination or measurement, it can be judged that the deviation between the size and shape area of the part contour and the relative location is directly related to the theoretical value of the fixture directly processed by CAD/CAM.

For some extremely important functional dimensions on the part, it can also be used for numerical testing. Usually, it is not possible to get the precise coordinate value of parts based on body coordinate system directly with the aid of fixture, but to place parts on the fixture and measure by three coordinate measuring machine. The structure of


modern checker is designed at the same time when it is considered to be used as a measuring bracket. However, when the on-line inspection function of the inspection tool and the function of the measuring bracket can not be met at the same time, the on-line inspection function of the device should be first met.

The measuring bracket is an auxiliary support when measuring parts with three coordinate measuring machine. All supporting surfaces (points) and positioning datum points must be machined according to the CAD data of parts. The bracket of some special parts should also have some functions of checking parts.

Checking fixture and CMM holding fixture can reasonably measure all the data of the parts according to the effective product drawings and CAD data, and check and identify the fixtures and measuring brackets with the help of the three coordinate measuring function.

checking fixture should ensure the service life of the fixture and measuring bracket within the corresponding part production cycle under normal use frequency and good maintenance and maintenance.

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