How Car Checkers Work

- May 14, 2018-

In our daily lives, our lives are getting richer. Many people own their own cars, but they do not understand the knowledge of some cars. Now let's learn some of the knowledge of car inspection tools.

    The working principle of the auto-gauge is automatic equipment inspection. It uses high-speed and high-precision visual processing technology to automatically detect all kinds of errors and welding defects on the PCB board. PCB boards range from fine-pitch high-density boards to low-density large-size boards, and provide on-line inspection solutions to improve production efficiency and weld quality. Automotive gauges use AOI as a tool to reduce defects to find and eliminate errors early in the assembly process to achieve good process control. Early detection of defects will prevent the delivery of bad boards to subsequent assembly stages, and automated equipment will reduce repair costs to avoid scrapping non-repairable boards.

    Flexible car gages have some special advantages that traditional car gages do not have, which include: A flexible gage can measure different products with a slight adjustment (one-to-many or adjustable, saving storage space, parts can be reused), Automatic measurement, automatic data recording, high measurement accuracy, no fear of deformation (low maintenance cost), short development cycle, etc.

    Things to consider before creating a checking fixture

    1. The accuracy of the finished product parts and accuracy confirmation method

    2, the accuracy of the required accuracy and confirmation method

    3, the finished product in the stamping parts produce deformation

    4, the use of considerations (convenient, lightweight, fast)

    5, the overall structure is not deformed

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