Marble Platform On How Support Should Be Leveled?

- May 23, 2016-

1, place the bracket in the right, gently rocking bracket, if unstable, adjust the bracket at the bottom of the Goblet, until stent stability;

2, common specifications of 5 points--on the bracket side 3, side 2. 3 middle of the fulcrum of the A1, and side two point A2, A3 is the main pivot, the remaining two (B1, B2) is a secondary point. For ease of leveling, 3 main pivot can be increased, while secondary support. This platform is supported by 3 points, just need to tweak the height of 2 points, you can adjust the level of the marble platform. (3 points not on the line). If the pivot bracket is redundant 5 odd, you can choose which side of the middle one, and both ends of the 2 points (3 points would form an isosceles triangle) as the main supporting points, remaining as a secondary place to stand.

3, place the marble platform on the bracket. Use tape to measure the distance of each edge of the bracket, fine tuning platform or scaffold locations, platforms on the stand location close to the Centre of symmetry, to ensure every point of a balanced force.

4, again rocked from the side bracket, determined to place stability.

5, leveling: precision leveling needs electronic level gauge (calibrated), roughly levelling bubble spirit level can also be used. Figure, the first level in the x direction on the platform, N1 measured readings, on the same plane, 90 ° counter clockwise rotation level, measured perpendicular to the readings of N2 in the y direction. If N1 is a positive number, N2 is negative, then the platform higher than the right side to the left, higher rear than the front. May be appropriate to reduce the A1, increases A3, N1, N2, reading is close to 0. If N1, N2, a positive or negative for other conditions, adjusting pivot and so on. Also according to the spirit level bubble positions roughly equalized.

6, when the leveling is complete, the rest of the supporting point and make it to the top just in contact with the platform, but don't struggle too much, so as not to affect the leveling results.

7, after the initial leveling is complete, you should rest for 24 hours, again with level measuring instrument testing platform level. If the level of deviation, you can repeat steps 5 calibration. Confirm calibration is completed before use.

8, and in the platform, should be based on actual periodic detection level. Usually every 3 months or half a year to one inspection cycle. Found off a level, should be checked.

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