Welding platform to do long term for Rust prevention

- May 23, 2016-

Long term rust in two ways:

1. same as the short-term rust, process sealed with desiccant inside cover on the platform;

2. Rust with oil, then wrapped with neutral paraffin wax or sodium benzoate paper; the storage shelves in the storage space to leave the ground height

Fee for temporary storage short-term rust save against the platform and work, measuring, as well as weekends do not use the device. Equipment replacement parts when you are finished, to rust-proof the equipment on the spot. Simple and effective method is after cleaning or cleaning surface dirt, rust coating. Rails, fixtures, and so on are exposed surfaces and moving parts after brushing oil, to prevent oil capture dust, cloth covered equipment must be used. Cavity in the inner surface and brush or spray oil, plus outside seating protection.

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