Durable cast iron test plate how to shop

- May 23, 2016-

The rapid industrial development in today's society, cast iron test plate in modern science, technology and industry has become a very important common measuring tool product, machine, parts, profile detection, plays an irreplaceable role in the application. So, how do we choose durable cast iron test plate, also became a problem of many customers, the following small series as we introduced in details how to choose durable cast iron plate:

, Read the material you want to choose a good test plate, it must first look at the material. Test plate on the market today is a lot of others, is not aligned to state standards, making many materials are not qualified, so must look at when consumers buy goods materials. This measuring of materials prescribed by the State and the model is HT200-HT300, buy if you happen to look. And that the new product will have obvious traces of polishing, which is left by the lapping process of production. By virtue of this point see the manufacturing process of the product quality.

Second, product manufacturers because the test plate of a wide range of applications, so manufacturers are a lot, but manufacturers may not be a good thing, it can lead to vicious competition in the market. So be sure to choose reliable manufacturers when buying, look at the manufacturer's production procedures are complete, not cheap to buy three products. For security reasons, you can buy cast iron plate before going to the manufacturers to do some visiting, field production scene, thus reducing the purchase of substandard test plate.

Test plate of cast iron is a very key to calibrate the measurement of heavy industry, choose a quality assurance tools is essential. So at the time of purchase must be cautious, don't be greedy and cheap suffer heavy losses.

The whole process of cast iron test plate deformation prevention measures:

1, the right selection. Through ht200-300, test plate of cast iron materials, enterprises have the economic strength, people pay more attention to the quality of cast iron test plate. Selection of flat material we recommend you use HT200-250 enough, after all, previous experience and enterprise standards (the original material has been made of the HT150) is useful, flat material selection along with the changing economic development, from 670 HT150, HT200 now even HT250, the user also uses HT300.

2, rational choice size. Plane usually made box style, squares, circles, rectangles and other shapes.

3, the use of technical measures to prevent and reduce deformation, in production, in order to eliminate the iron test plate in the long-term use of changes in size, shape, often in front of the low-temperature tempering after finishing, again heated to 700-650 plate, keep some time, this aging treatment to stabilize the slab quality.

4, strengthen management, strictly enforce the rules, use flat panel process must be careful not to wet, corrosion resistance, high and low temperatures and storage. Tablet in humid environments prone to rusting, so after you use the Tablet needs to wipe clean flat working surface, using oil paint surfaces. If not used for a long time, you can use butter then covered with paper. Cast iron test plate testing platform to practice regularly, test cycles to be determined according to the specific circumstances of use, usually for 1 year.

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