Inspection platform securely are very important

- May 23, 2016 -

Stability is required for installation of the inspection platform, this is mainly to ensure that measurement accuracy and security, installing solid also became a very important work, we introduce his importance, so that you have a better understanding, as well as security guarantees.

Importance of the test plate securely, cast iron plate itself for the measurement of the base surface, place it should be firmly fixed collimator is used when testing instrument and plate is not on the same rigid body, support secure instrument is extremely important. Test procedure test sites should be solid and stable, testing vibration should be avoided. This is because the factories put small plate, placed on a bench or table, solid stability. Verification personnel around the flat walk, verification tools to move on flat, will have a different gravity, making the Tablet space location changes, measurement results are not accurate. So when this type of tablet should be installed on a solid and stable ground, avoid the influence of gravity change on measurement results.

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