Test plate should have installed adjustment skills

- May 23, 2016-

Test plate should master the skills of installation and adjustment:

Installation and adjustment of the test plate is also have certain technical content, today, let me show you how the test plate adjustment tips:

Such as the official water of the test plate is usually has a lot of skills, according to the base platform horizontal reading level to draw diagrams, trend analysis chart, level to three.

, Level to a lopsided, straight up or straight down, under such circumstances, it is necessary to take the level test plate reading intermediate reading level is set to zero, the other at horizontal level to adjust level based on this;

Second, run horizontally with great highs and lows, polarization, this water usually lower highs and highs around first, raised around the low point and low point, then based on the third level adjustment, this will have a great time saver;

Three, that best fit and low and evenly distributed, in such a way that when adjusting the level, get a low median adjusted on the basis of the second level, the difference between high and low points too much, you can start on the basis of adjustment levels. Worth noting is that water usually don't increase in place, because when I adjusted the next level, adjacent to these plates move, so should also pay attention to leave a cushion.

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