To help you understand the plate production process

- May 23, 2016-

1, material requirements: welded plate with high strength cast iron HT200-300, hardness: HB170-240.

2, artificial annealing: welded plate in tempering furnace high temperature annealing after 600-700 ageing

3, thickness requirements: include thickness of welded plate face, side wall thickness and height, as well as gluten plate thickness, height and density at the end of it. 4, Chlamydia trachomatis and the stoma: level 0 and level 1 platforms do not allow air holes and trachoma, level 2 and level 3 platform with solid material fills pores trachoma. Note: filler hardness must be less than the hardness of the platform itself

5, natural aging: according to international standards should be 2-3 years of natural aging, because this process too long, business has been affected by the liquidity could not wait that long, mostly Vibration induced by vibration aging in place. Although the effect of this process is not yet clear, but the international community has widely used

6, cleaning and painting: cleaning the bottom of platform to be thorough, clean and spray red paint. Sides to smooth and then painted, basket paint or coating of green paint.

7, burnishing process: manual scraping in welded plate machining process is the most important process, which determines the welding plate flatness error, as well as the contact points of the face. 0 level Board platform in each side for 25 mm square of range within many Yu 25 points; 1 level platform in each side for 25 mm square of range within many Yu 20 points; 2 level welding flat platform in each side for 25 mm square of range within many Yu 16 points; 3 level welding flat platform in each side for 25 mm square of range within many Yu at 12 o'clock, shovel scraping completed Hou welding flat four a side ribs pour blunt

8, use: welded plate after debugging is complete you can use room temperature controlled at 20 ± 5 ℃, in counter to detect artifacts to light the light moved, do not use an area, as far as possible uniform welding Tablet active area as a whole. 9, packaging requirements: mostly wood packing material, try to use thicker wood covering welding plate face, hermetic packaging, if necessary. Platform face the antirust measures must be done well before packing.

10, transportation: welded plate loading, check whether there is a vacancy, if vacant pad solid to avoid vibrations. Platforms do not stack too high so as not to extrusion

11, accessory options: mainly support selection, support materials for wall thickness of 1.5-2mm square and angle iron, weld density and structure should be rationally, adjust the bolt to rotate smoothly.

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