Auto Welding Jig Another Little Insight

- Jun 13, 2017-

   The center of the center of the platen should be at the intersection of the center of the welding fixture and the profile of the upper platen, and the height of the platen is automatically flattened by contact with the specimen. Two substrates as board board is generally made of welded steel and steel plate. Flatness analysis Flatness refers to the level of flatness, the symbol implies that the top and the base plane flatness error in the entire plane is not allowed to cross the most, that is,Auto Welding Jig

    In the actual assembly, in addition to operating the workpiece as a benchmark, but also often use the cylindrical cylinder as a benchmark. The ratio of overhangs and contours should be less than 1 ≤ by the following values. The use of fixed plate at the base of the seat, you can limit the movement around the x-axis, limiting the movement around the y-axis, limiting movement along the axis. Reasonable placement of welding process. Can also be used to expand the scale of machine tools. Force transmission mechanism: it is between the power source and the clamping element to transfer power between the body.Auto Welding Jig

    In accordance with the different materials, need to change the auxiliary equipment to complete the tensile test, in fact, different test machine welding fixture to strengthen the system is also not the same, the test efficacy and fracture level is also different. In the case of roughing, the heat quality of the cutting is high and the quality of the profile is not so high. Therefore, the main cutting fluid should be used. Will be inserted into the elastic chuck open; because the three are out of the ball from the ball around the ball so that the ball from the tail angle squeeze the pressure plate pressure plate and push the elastic chuck to make it.Auto Welding Jig

    In order to ensure that the product in the process of processing the standard party B in the process of welding fixture to be in accordance with the supply rp benchmark system to determine the welding fixture main reference to refresh the project to be extended with the original benchmark and ensure that the hole and pin ring must be rp Due to rp with the base length of the appropriate adjustments and must ensure that before and after the process base system.

    After the audit is completed, the parts are further refined. In order to combine this situation needs, showing a variety of new. The mandrel is mainly used in the milling and grinding gears. The tool and guide elements are used to determine the relative tool position or guide the purpose of the tool. Through the support of the adjoining plate with a cylindrical pin and a hexagonal screw with a variety of basic plate adjacent to each other fastening can be assembled into a number of basic board of various types of different dimensions of the basic flat board. Roundness pain wheel. Although the sample will be necessary. Ⅲ flat end, see light iv flat side. By the static balance of affairs to get the required clamping force. It is necessary to play a folder dip, but also with the one along the automatic line from a station to move to the next station, the process of divergence.Auto Welding Jig

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