V-frame Material Difference

- May 23, 2016-

V type frame of material can is divided into ball iron and gray iron two class: 1, ball iron v type frame of using compared less, General using in specifications smaller, precision requirements high of v type frame, like: grinding v type frame, he of precision can with in 0 level precision above of v type frame using; 2, gray iron v type frame of using compared widely, makes v type frame of cost reduced, production cycle short, process simple, durable is manufacturer and user of preferred reasons one of, v type frame in the of gray iron also can by its Bay number for classification, V-Bay number used is in accordance with the People's Republic of China mechanical industry standard and actual need to use. Hosting requirements for v-v-host is after v-bear the weight per unit area, v-frame deflection. In order to understand this, we can be seen as a v-shaped rack placed after the workpiece, without affecting the normal use of the case, the v-shaped frame able to withstand pressure. For example: 2000mmx4000mm the v-rack can be placed weighed 64 tons of artifacts, we can design hosted by the v-v-the technical requirements at the lowest cost to achieve the best principles. Can be customized according to customer needs processing. V-shaped metal frame for shaft inspection, correction, dash, can also be used to test the workpiece perpendicular, parallelism.

GB4972-85 standard commodity for v-shaped metal frame, usually supplied in pairs, is a four-sided body, four faces and four different sizes of 90 degrees on grooves. Mainly applied to testing of shafts and underlined. V-spec: 100x80x30mm150x125x45mm. V-rack is mainly used to put shaft sleeve, round workpieces such as disc, so that the center line and draw the center lines. V was a two-block, two blocks of flat and v-Groove is worn in an installation. Precision v-parallelism between surfaces, and squareness within 0.01 mm, v-center line must be v-shaped plane of symmetry and parallel with the bottom surface, concentricity, parallelism error is within 0.01 mm, v-Groove half an angle error is within ± 30~ ± 1. Precision v-racks can also be underlined, with gripping bows v-shaped rack, solid cylindrical workpieces clamping on a v-rack, flip line to various locations. Our company mainly produces cast iron plate, flat feet, Fang Xiangfang cartridges, the same amount.

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