Plastic Part Checking Fixture

- Jul 23, 2017-

                 Most automotive panels are made of thinner steel. In the stamping process, sometimes the sheet will produce a rebound. It is difficult to check the correctness of the stamping parts by using the usual universal measuring tools in the trial-manufacture and manufacturing of stamping dies, while the punching dies are worn after a period of use, and there is no basis for the parts that are stamped with the repaired die. In this way, the quality of the product can not be guaranteed, so the inspection fixture of the covering parts is very necessary. Steel inspection fixture manufacturing, time-consuming, can not adapt to the requirements of automotive product variants. The inspection fixture of the second automobile factory is made of epoxy plastic and glass grade steel, which has the advantages of short manufacturing cycle, low cost, long service life, accurate measurement, easy operation and quick work. This paper focuses on the manufacturing process and use of this kind of inspection fixture.Plastic Part Checking Fixture

                Plastic Part Checking Fixture A plastic soft packaging tensile testing fixture, belonging to the soft packaging instrumentation technology field, used to detect the plastic soft packaging tension when clamping the test items, its technical program is: it by the pull sensor, the bracket, the lower bracket, the cylinder, the clamping, anti-slip, and base components, the upper and lower brackets are respectively connected with the tensile sensor and the base, and the upper openings of the upper bracket and the lower bracket are clamp-shaped, and the two sides of the bracket arms of the clamp openings are respectively fitted with transverse cylinders. The end face of the cylinder valve is connected with the clamping piece, and the surface of the clamping piece is fixed with non-slip layer. The utility model is clamped through the cylinder and the clamping structure, and the anti-slip layer is replaced according to the material of the specimen, to adjust the relative friction coefficient between the specimen and the different test samples.Plastic Part Checking Fixture

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