Plastic Part Checking Fixture

- Jul 14, 2017 -

               A machine tool accessory, which has two internal holes for mounting the bearing, and has a higher requirements for the coaxial degree of the outer Circle, due to the limitation of the structure, the internal hole can not be used one-time clamping grinding to complete, the product structure is poor, and because the product shape position tolerance requirements are strict, such as the use of spring sleeve automatic centering fixture, can not meet the accuracy of the process requirements. To this end, we designed and manufactured a liquid plastic fixture for grinding both ends of the hole, and made some improvements in the structure to improve the fixture positioning accuracy and service life. Through the use of a period of time, to ensure that both ends of the bearing hole and the outer circle of the coaxial requirements in 0. Within 006mm, the quality of products and production efficiency has been improved.Plastic Part Checking Fixture

              In the use of liquid plastic clamp, people reflect the phenomenon that their service life is not long and liquid plastic leaks. This is mainly caused by the uneven wall thickness of the thin wall sleeve, the high roughness of the plunger surface and the low surface hardness. Fixture body materials are generally cast iron, and column female precision and surface roughness index requirements are higher, cast iron is difficult to meet its requirements, and cast iron does not wear, so we use the 45th steel clip specific, heat treatment to 27~33HRC.Plastic Part Checking Fixture

              Bushings and plunger used t10a steel, heat treatment quenching to 50~55HRC, bore and outer circle are machined on the grinder, in order to achieve a higher processing accuracy, and then carry out to the surface roughness value of Ra0.2~0.4, and to ensure that the outer diameter of the sliding column and the lining of the inner hole of the coordination gap is not greater than 0.005~0.01mm, roundness and cylindricity within 0.005mm. This has not only improved the fixture's service life, but also effectively prevented the leakage of plastic.Plastic Part Checking Fixture

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