Production Quality Of Welding Fixture

- Oct 09, 2017-

Automotive welding production line is the key to automobile manufacturing, welding production line in a variety of fixture is the welding line of the most important, welding fixture design is the premise and foundation. Design tooling fixture, not only to consider the production program, but also must be familiar with the product structure, understand the deformation characteristics of sheet metal parts, know the craft requirements and many other content.Welding Fixture

The production program is the annual output of the qualified product, which determines the automation level of the welding fixture and the configuration of the welding station, which is reflected in the production rhythm and is the first consideration in the welding fixture design. Production rhythm by the fixture action time, assembly time, welding time, handling time and other components.Welding Fixture

The working time of the fixture depends mainly on the degree of automation of the fixture. The assembly time depends mainly on the accuracy of the stamping parts, the precision of the parts and the proficiency of the operator. The welding time depends mainly on the welding process level, the degree of automation of the welding equipment, The degree of rationalization, etc .; handling time depends mainly on the degree of automation of handling, the rationalization of logistics and production site management level. As long as the above points, you can reasonably solve the welding fixture automation level and manufacturing costs of the conflict.Welding Fixture

After forming the sheet stamping parts have a certain rigidity, but compared with the machined parts, the rigidity is much worse, and a single large stamping parts easy to deformation, only welding into the body shell, it has a strong rigidity. To the car body large side Wai outer plate, for example, the general material thickness of 0.7 ~ 0.8mm, the vast majority of 0.8mm, after the formation of the cavity, the rigidity is very poor, and when the inner plate welding to form side welding After a strong rigidity.Welding Fixture

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