Introduction Of Plastic Part Checking Fixture

- Oct 09, 2017-

Machine tool fixture design generally includes structural design and precision design of two aspects. And people are often used to focus on structural design and ignore the accuracy of the design. On the structural design of machine fixtures, not only a lot of information for reference, but also continue to absorb new results from other disciplines and move forward. Such as liquid plastic fixture; all kinds of flexible diaphragm fixture; vacuum clamping fixture; induction indexing fixture and so on. On the accuracy of the machine fixture design, with the accuracy of parts processing, but also increasingly by the people's attention.Plastic Part Checking Fixture

A machine fixture is a device on a machine tool used to clamp a workpiece (and a guide tool). The function is to position the workpiece so that the workpiece is properly positioned relative to the machine and the tool and the workpiece is securely clamped. Machine tool fixtures are widely used in machinery manufacturing. The use of a large number of special machine tool fixtures provides the necessary conditions for mass production. Machine tool fixture is a part of the process system, is an important factor affecting the quality of processing. Under normal circumstances, the use of machine tool fixture can be stable to ensure product quality, without the need for high technical requirements of the workers.Plastic Part Checking Fixture

It is necessary to correctly determine the positioning scheme, clamping scheme, correctly determine the guiding mode of the tool, make reasonable technical requirements of the fixture, and analyze and calculate the error when necessary. Have high production efficiency and lower manufacturing cost, in order to improve the production efficiency , Should try to use more than clamping, linkage clamping and other efficient fixture, but the structure should be as simple as possible, the cost should be low; try to use standard fixture components and standard parts, which can shorten the fixture design and manufacturing cycle, improve fixture design quality and reduce Fixture manufacturing costs.Plastic Part Checking Fixture

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