Classification Of Plastic Part Checking Fixture

- Jul 04, 2017-

             According to the scope of application of the fixture (1) General fixture fixture refers to the structure has been standardized, and has a larger scope of application of the fixture, for example, the lathe with the three-jaw chuck and four-claw chuck, milling machine used in the vice and division of the first class. (2) Special machine tool fixture is specially designed and manufactured for a particular workpiece. Special-Purpose Machine tool fixture is suitable for the application of relatively stable product and large output. (3) Modular fixture is a fixture assembled by a set of standard components and parts. Modular fixture structure flexible, design and assembly cycle is short, fixture parts can be reused for a long time, suitable for many varieties of small batches of production or new product trial and other occasions. (4) into a group of clamping fixture is in the use of group processing, for each part of the design and manufacture of fixture, when changing the processing of another part of the same group, only to adjust or replace the individual components on the fixture can be processed. The group fixture is suitable for the application in many varieties and small batch production. (5) Accompanying fixture it is a movable fixture used on the automatic line, before the workpiece into the automatic line processing, the workpiece is installed in the fixture, and then the fixture together with the processed workpiece along the automatic line from one shift to the next a stations, until the workpiece in the automatic processing, the workpiece from the fixture removed. The accompanying fixture is a fixture that always moves along the automatic line with the workpiece.Plastic Part Checking Fixture

            According to the type of machine tool classification: Different types of machine tools, fixture structure, the fixture can be divided into lathe fixture, drilling jig, milling fixture, boring jig, grinder fixture and modular fixture and other types of machine tools.Plastic Part Checking Fixture

            According to the Fixture power source classification: According to clamp clamping power source, can be divided into manual clamping fixture, pneumatic clamping fixture, hydraulic clamping fixture, gas-liquid linkage clamping fixture, electromagnetic fixture, vacuum fixture and so on.Plastic Part Checking Fixture

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