Design Principle Of Auto Welding Jig

- Aug 07, 2017-

     Fixture Design: 1, the main role of welding fixture has the following aspects: (1) accurate, reliable positioning and clamping, you can reduce or even eliminate the work of blanking and marking. Reduce the dimension deviation of the product,Auto Welding Jig  improve the precision and the commutation of the parts (2) some prevent and reduce the welding deformation. (3) The workpiece is in the best welding position, the weld is well formed, the process defects are obviously reduced and the welding speed is improved. (4) The working conditions of the workers are improved by replacing the position, clamping and workpiece turnover of the manual assembly parts. (5) The use of advanced technology can be expanded to promote the comprehensive development of the production mechanization and automation of welded structures.Auto Welding Jig
    2, the basic requirements of fixture design (1), tooling fixture should have sufficient strength and stiffness. Fixture in the production of the use of a variety of efforts to withstand the role, so the fixture should have sufficient strength and stiffness. (2), clamping reliability. Clamping can not destroy the position of the workpiece location and ensure that the shape of the product and size to conform to the drawing requirements. It can not allow the workpiece to loose slip, and do not make the constraint of the workpiece through large, resulting in greater restraint stress (3), welding operation flexibility. The use of fixture production should ensure adequate welding space, so that operators have a good vision and operating environment, so that the whole process of welding production in a stable working condition. (4), convenient for welding parts handling. The operation should consider the product in the assembly position welding or welding can be smooth out from the fixture, but also products in the flip or crane to make the damage (5), good workmanship. The fixture should be designed to be easy to manufacture, install and operate, and easy to inspect, repair and replace easily damaged parts. The design should also consider the existing clamping power source, hoisting capacity and installation site and other factors, reduce fixture manufacturing costs.Auto Welding Jig
    Clamp is the basic part of the fixture, it is necessary to the fixture of various components, institutions, devices connected into a whole, but also to consider the convenience of workpiece handling. Therefore, the specific shape and size of the clamp mainly depends on the distribution position of each component, the contour of the workpiece and the conditions of processing. The following basic requirements should be met when designing clips. The role of the positioner is to make the workpiece in the fixture has the accurate and the location of the inconvenience, in the case of ensuring the processing requirements, to limit enough freedom.Auto Welding Jig

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