Introduction To The Production Process Of Welding Fixture

- Aug 07, 2017-

     Design steps and contents of welding fixture. A, welding fixture design steps: ① According to production requirements, determine the actual number and location of welding components. ② the assembly structure of the welding fixture is preliminarily determined according to the method of inserting the original welding. ③ according to the actual situation of each component that needs to be welded, the detailed structure of the fixture is designed, such as the problem of element avoiding position and component locating. B, the welding structure of the assembly plan to determine: The overall requirement is to be able to quickly achieve positioning, easy to take.     The structure of the welding fixture is roughly divided into the following two kinds: ① flip structure. The flip structure is generally used in the case where the welded element is mounted on the PCB board in front of the plate and then flipped 180° welding. The treatment of the overturning structure is usually with a gland.Welding Fixture
    ② non-flip structure. The non-flip structure can be divided into a gland structure and a no gland structure according to the different styles. The gland structure refers to the welding element in the PCB board of the front-mounted, and then also on the front of the welding, but the need to exert external force to the welding element fixed in Welding Fixture
    PCB board structure. The structure of the force exerted on the welded element is generally referred to as a gland. No gland structure means that the welded piercing element is installed on the welding fixture first, then the PCB board is positioned on the welding fixture structure. At this point the perforation of the PCB is just a component of the perforation component foot through.Welding Fixture
    C, fixture design 1. When the fixture design should pay attention to, because the circuit board more components, do not allow pressure to components, so according to the actual situation of the PCB board to avoid components, including positioning and compaction is so. 2. PCB board should be placed flat, otherwise it is easy to cause poor welding components, tilt and other problems.Welding Fixture
    Welding fixture is the accurate positioning of welding parts and reliable clamping, easy to assemble and weld parts, to ensure the accuracy of the structure of the process equipment requirements. In modern welding production, actively promote and use the product structure to adapt to the fixture, to improve product quality, reduce labor intensity, speed welding production to achieve mechanization, automation process, etc. plays a very important role. In the welding production process, welding requires less work hours, and about 2/3 of the total processing time is used for preparation, assembly and other ancillary work, greatly affecting the production speed of welding. To this end, we must vigorously promote the use of mechanized and high degree of automation of assembly welding equipment.Welding Fixture

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