Selection Of Body Block And Locating Datum For Welding Fixture

- Jul 04, 2017-

                  In order to ensure the size of welding parts, improve assembly accuracy and efficiency, prevent welding deformation of the fixture used. The design of automobile body welding fixture is a highly experienced and comprehensive technology, in the design of the first to determine the production program, familiar with the product structure, understand the deformation characteristics, grasp the workpiece and assembly accuracy, familiar with the process requirements. Only by doing so can the welding fixture be designed in a comprehensive way. The production program determines the automatic level of welding fixture and the configuration of welding position, which is embodied by the production tempo.Welding Fixture

                The production tempo is composed of fixture action time, assembling time, welding time and handling time. Fixture action time mainly depends on the degree of automation of fixture; The assembling time depends mainly on the precision of stamping parts, the accuracy of the process parts and the skillful procedure of the operator; The welding time depends mainly on the welding process level, the automation degree of the welding equipment, the rationalization degree of the electrode selection, etc. the handling time mainly depends on the automatization degree of transporting, the rationalization degree of Just grasp the above points, can reasonably solve the welding fixture automation level and manufacturing costs of this contradiction.Welding Fixture

                The choice of body block and positioning datum: The body welding assembly is generally composed of the bottom plate, the front circumference, the rear circumference, the side circumference and the top cover, the different model blocks different way, in the choice localization datum, generally should do: 1, to ensure the assembly size of the door, when the assembly welding without side block, the doorway must be used as the main positioning datum, in the Assembly fixture, all the points related to the front and rear pillar welding must be directly with the front and rear column positioning, and from the assembly to the final location of the base should be unified When the assembly is welded with a side block, the doorway shall be formed on the side-wall welding fixture, and the Assembly shall be positioned at the door and the process hole during the welding, and the positioning datum from the assembly to the assemble should be unified. 2, to ensure the position accuracy of the hanging hole before and after, the hanging hole on the bottom plate of the body is generally stamped on the floor strengthening beam, when welding to ensure the relative position of the hole, in order to make the body smoothly whereabouts to the frame. 3, to ensure that the front and rear wind window assembly size, before and after the wind window is generally covered by outer covering parts and internal covering components, some are formed on the front and rear assembly, in the assembling fixture should pay attention to solve its positioning, some in the assembly fixture on the formation, generally in the special window positioning device for accurate positioning of the window to ensure that the wind window glass assembly.Welding Fixture

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