Equipment installation and adjustment, tilting pad iron how to properly place

- May 23, 2016 -

Wedge, inclined Horn, tilting pad iron, steel helical horns

Oblique pad iron by type can points: cast iron oblique pad iron, steel business oblique pad iron, riot oblique pad iron three species. which cast iron oblique pad iron material for HT250, steel business oblique pad iron is Q235 low carbon steel forging or mechanical mechanic and into. explosion-proof oblique pad iron material for bronze. oblique pad iron of specifications and precision requirements: oblique pad iron general no specific specifications, General is by equipment weight design drawings, customized processing. but common of specifications has 100*50; 120*60; 120*80; 150*80; 160*80; 200*100; 200*120; 200*150; 240*120; 300*150;,. oblique pad iron precision General for 12.5, for general rough precision oblique pad iron, 6.3 for intermediate precision oblique pad iron, 3.2 for senior precision oblique pad iron, 0.8 for precision oblique pad iron (grinder grinding plane and into). oblique pad iron in using Angolan equipment of precision select pad iron of precision. is not precision high of oblique pad iron on for all equipment. should by actual need reasonable select oblique pad iron. to reached using oblique pad iron of initially save cost of purpose.

Equipment installation and adjustment, tilting pad method of iron placed correctly:

1. Oblique horn on top of the flat Horn

2. Above the thick Horn in thin horns

3. Horn geometry within the same group the same size

4. Oblique pad iron must into on using oblique pad iron put in most top, single block oblique pad iron following due flat pad iron, not bear main load of pad iron group, only using flat pad iron and a oblique pad iron can; bear main load of pad iron group, should using into on oblique pad iron, leveling Hou with welding welding prison; thick pad iron put in following, thin pad iron put in above, most thin of placed in Middle; same group pad iron geometry size to same.

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