Stamping Checking Fixture Manufacturer Supplier

Stamping Checking Fixture Manufacturer Supplier

Checking Fixtures, CMM Holding Fixtures and Gauges We offer assembly and checking fixtures for vehicle frames and body sub-assemblies, single component fixtures for all metal and plastic parts, flush and feeler gap checking, mating part simulation and three axis true position probing. Fixtures and gauges available for a large variety of plastic and metal parts such as: Instrument panels, Interior trim, Seating, HVAC, Chassis components, Body panels, Door seals, and trim.

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Product Details

Gauges & Fixtures

Inspection Checking Fixture

Sunyuu supplies high quality checking fixtures.  

Sunyuu Gauge & Fixture company. strives for quick turnaround of quotes, design, and building of fixtures. 

You can be assured of excellent communications throughout the entire fixture building process.

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Types of Fixtures

Assembly Checking Fixture - mounted to frame

CMM holding fixtures

SPC fixtures

Attribute check fixtures

Cooling fixtures

Welding fixtures


Specializing in quick concepts

Full-detail designs upon request

3-D surfaced part modeling

Reverse engineering product development

Fixtures designed and built to customer requirements

Sunyuu Gauge & Fixture company. is registered to ISO 9001:2015.

Sunyuu project managers will help you to handle all your checking fixture project on time with Competitive price and high quality.

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