Checking And CMM Fixtures

Checking And CMM Fixtures

checking fixture for axle compl part, holding fixture for stamping part,checking fixture manufacturer in China

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Checking fixtures are used for a complete dimensional and positional check in the manufacturing process.The base is usually an aluminium board with steel parts, equipped with centering elements and fixations to enable part positioning in space according to the RPS coordinates. Measurement devices: dial indicators, rulers, GO/NOGO calibres, feeler gauges, sensors etc. The shaped body can be made from aluminium, resin, or other special materials. CMM fixtures are used to position the part or assembly in space according to the RPS coordinates. Metrological departments of our customers use them for measurement on their 

own 3D measuring machines (CMM).

we building different kinds of checking fixture and CMM holding fixture to meet any different checking fixture manufacturing standard, such as GM,Ford,VW,BMW,SPA,FCA,Toyota...

we sunyuu is a manufacturer of checking fixture and gage and CMM holding fixture in China.

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