Plastic Part Checking Fixture Countermeasure Processing Material

- Oct 20, 2017 -

In processing, such as high hardness parts, high new material parts, when the fitter due to materials, knives, precision can not guarantee the accuracy of the requirements of parts, seriously affecting the smooth progress of scientific research production. With the extensive application of High-tech materials, combined with existing equipment and processes, the use of existing tool materials, the use of new processing technology in mechanical processing has been fully utilized. Many new processing techniques and processing methods have been produced under the existing production conditions.Plastic Part Checking Fixture 

It can not only improve the quality of products, improve production efficiency, reduce production cost, but also reduce labor intensity and processing time of the workers, so that the technical difficulties in the processing of such parts have a solution.

Titanium alloy t-a6v with difficult material processing; the verticality of the bottom surface and the position of the hole are all required to be 0.05mm; the distance between two holes is strictly required, and the requirement is ±0.05mm; The accuracy of the hole itself is high, all is 7-level precision, respectively, φ9.525h7 (0.015 /0), Φ6 5h7 (0.015/0).Plastic Part Checking Fixture

Titanium Alloy is a typical refractory material, it has high specific strength, poor thermal conductivity and serious machining hardening, because of its chemical activity, it is easy to react with the surrounding medium at certain temperature, produce brittle and hard skin, and the plasticity and impact toughness of the processing will drop sharply, and the tool wear and breakage is serious and the durability is low.Plastic Part Checking Fixture 

Processing accuracy and surface quality is difficult to ensure that the processing efficiency is very low. The thermal conductivity of titanium alloys is low, about 1/3 of the iron, it hinders the distribution of heat generated in machining process, and its low specific heat, which makes the cutting zone temperature rise too fast, and the surface of the 600 ℃ above, to form an oxidized hard layer to accelerate the wear of the tool; the elastic modulus of titanium alloy is low, which makes the machined surface easy to produce a huge net In particular, the processing of thin-walled parts rebound more serious, easy to cause after the knife surface and the machined surface to produce a strong friction, thereby wearing the tool and collapse blade. And in the role of resilience will cause parts in the machining process deviate from the tool.Plastic Part Checking Fixture

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