Plastic Mould Product And Technical Innovation In The Market Need To Be Strengthened

- May 23, 2016-

Many of the industry's increasing requirements for mold, so precision tooling industry gradually heat up, with the development of electronic information industry and information reform traditional industries, plastic mold a broad market prospects, the global market is in short supply of high-grade, precision plastic mould.

In recent years, China plastic mold manufacturing level has has larger improve, by production of large plastic mold of single sets weight has reached 50T above, precision plastic mold of precision has reached 3cm, more cavity plastic mold aspects has can production a die 7800 cavity of plastic seal mold, high-speed mold aspects has can production extrusion speed up 4m/min above of high-speed plastic different profile extrusion mold and the main profile double cavity total squeeze mold. With the development of the plastics industry and GM and the continuous improvement of engineering plastics in terms of strength, plastic products, the range of applications is also expanding, consumption of plastic products is on the rise. It is understood that the 2012 annual output of nearly 60 million tons of plastic products in China, but also in continued to grow, this shows that domestic demand in China plastic mould industry has a huge boost.

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