How To Design Welding Fixture

- May 25, 2017-

1. Welding Fixture The basic requirements of welding fixture design

(1) tooling welding fixture should have sufficient strength and stiffness

(2) the reliability of clamping

(3) flexibility of welding operation

(4) easy to weld the loading and unloading

(5) good craftsmanship

2. Welding Fixture The basic methods and steps of tooling fixture design

(1) Preparation before design

Welding Fixture The original data for the welding fixture design includes the following:

1)Welding Fixture welding fixture design task orders;

2) Welding Fixture workpiece drawings and technical conditions;

3) Welding Fixture assembly process of the workpiece;

4) Welding Fixture the technical conditions of welding fixture design;

5) standardization and standardization of welding fixture, including national standards, factory standards and standardized structure Atlas.

(2) Welding Fixture design steps

1) to determine the structure of welding fixture program

2) Draw the welding fixture for the general drawing phase

3) Drawing assembly welding welding fixture parts drawing stage

4) Preparation of assembly welding welding fixture design instructions

5) If necessary, also need to write assembly welding fixture instructions, including the performance of the machine, the use of precautions and so on.

3. Welding Fixture Tooling fixture manufacturing precision requirements

Welding fixture manufacturing tolerances, welding fixture components according to the function and assembly requirements of different welding fixture components can be divided into four categories:

1) The first type is directly contact with the workpiece, and strictly determine the location and shape of the workpiece, including the connector positioning, V-shaped, positioning pin and other positioning components.

2) The second category is a variety of guides, such components are not in direct contact with the positioning of the workpiece, but it determines the location of the first class of components.

3) The third category belongs to the welding fixture internal structure parts with the welding fixture components, such as the clamping device between the components of the size of the tolerance.

4) The fourth category does not affect the workpiece position, nor with other components, such as welding fixture of the main skeleton and so on.

4. Welding Fixture Welding fixture structure process

(1) the basic requirements for welding fixture good process

1) The composition of the overall welding fixture structure, should try to use a variety of standard parts and general parts, the proportion of manufacturing special parts should be as little as possible to reduce the amount of labor and reduce costs.

2) A variety of special parts and components of the structure should be easy to manufacture and measurement, assembly and commissioning convenience.

3) to facilitate the maintenance and repair of welding fixture.

(2) a reasonable choice of assembly benchmark

1) The assembly reference shall be a separate reference surface or line on the welding fixture, and the position of the other elements shall be adjusted and repaired only on this surface or line.

2) Once the assembly base has been machined, its position and size should not be changed. Therefore, those surfaces or lines that have to be adjusted or repaired at their own position and size during the assembly process can not be used as an assembly basis.

(3) Welding Fixture the structure of the adjustable

Often used is to rely on bolt fastening, pin positioning, adjustment and assembly of welding fixture, the size of a component can be more convenient grinding. Can also be used between the components and components to set the adjustment washers, adjust the gasket or adjust the sleeve to control the assembly size, compensation for other components of the error, improve the accuracy of welding fixture.

(4) maintenance process

The design of the welding fixture should take into account the convenience of maintenance.

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