C7285 Checking Fixture For Auto Door

- Dec 11, 2020-


Our main product:
Sunyuu Products includes the following:

Plastic Part checking fixtures
Stamping part checking fixtures

Welding fixture

CMM holding fixture

Cubing Checking Fixture
White Body Checking Fixture
Welding Jigs

We offer assembly and checking fixtures for vehicle frames and body sub-assemblies, single component fixtures for all metal and plastic parts, flush and feeler gap checking, mating part simulation and three axis true position probing.

Fixtures and gauges available for a large variety of plastic and metal parts such as: Instrument panels, Interior trim, Seating, HVAC, Chassis components, Body panels, Door seals, and trim.

We can produce the different types of checking fixtures:

· CMM fixtures : composed of centring elements and fixations enabling to position the part in space and to control it by CMM machine.


· Checking fixtures with Go/No Go or digital measuring instrument controls: composed of centring elements and fixations of the parts, with manual controls by Go/No Go pins or measuring devices providing a digital value compared with the nominal value – dial indicator, digital probe, measuring ruler, torque wrench, inclinometer, etc.)

· Cubings:representation of the complete environment of the part or of the assembly to be controlled, exact simulation of the components surrounding the part. This type of fixture also includes centring elements and fixations, and can also have controls by Go/No Go and measuring instruments as on any type of checking fixture.

· Automated checking fixtures: composed of centring elements and fixations of the part, with automated controls to get a very short cycle time enabling to control 100% of the production.


Our checking fixtures are always delivered with a dimensional report. As an option, we can also deliver you the following items:

· R&R study: used to analyse if your measurement system is reliable to accept or refuse parts. From this study, you will be able to make decisions and actions to improve your processes and/or your products.

· Trolley: special systems suitable for our customers’ logistics needs, to prevent risks or to make the handling of checking fixtures easier.

· User manual: documentation explaining how to use and handle correctly your checking fixtures in order to make it meet its function in a repeatable way.

· Special packing and cover: wooden boxes for long-distance transportations, special boxes suitable for customs requirements, labelled storage covers, etc.

· Parts dimensional reports: complete dimensional reports for parts samples for the validation of their dimensions.

· Capacity studies: to determine whether your process meets the tolerances requirements (Cpk, Cpm, Ppk o Ppm)

· Specific customs documentation: we provide you with all the documentation necessary to make sure that your products will not be blocked by customs.

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