Analysis On Difference Of Measuring Tools

- May 23, 2016 -

Cast iron plate and slab of rock is different in that the materials used and processed in different ways.

Cast iron plate is made of cast iron plate. General method of processing method for scraping, lapping plate improves the reliability and stability of benchmarks reflected.

Main rock slab was made flat rock, the rock material with fine particles, characteristic of compact structure. Cast iron platform processing method is the gravel after sawing, drilling, many polished to a mirror shine. Rock platforms have more wear-resistant and more stable performance.

Test plate is for production or datum plane for measuring precision in measuring Department; and the plate is done for production line use datum planes.

Although the two platforms is a datum plane, but their processing methods, graphic precision, functions are different.

Dedicated to the paint method test plate faces need to scrape; test plate face need scraping, grinding for other purposes or research; faceplate face planing. It can, therefore, test plate of plane precision higher than the faceplate.

Test plate in the colour detection of workpiece straightness or as an aid to testing tools implement various surveyors played an anchor role dash faceplate work played a role in base level.

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