How to fix the test platform when casting peeling

- May 23, 2016-

Test platform, often peeling in the casting process, faced with this problem, my company's technicians with years of experience in production, according to its own production characteristics summarized some of the considerations and share with you, our goal is for the majority of users produce quality test plate.

We cause peeling behavior occurs because the testing platform for analysis, for different reasons there is a corresponding solution.

Formation causes peeling test platform are the following:

1 poor, filling forms, into soup stack;

2 mold deformation into soup stack;

3, mixed oxides.

Measures to improve the test plate peeling:

1, release switch for high speed;

2, shorten the time of filling;

3, change the form filling, inspection platform gate, gate speed;

4, check whether strong enough;

5, check PIN-mode device can be good;

6, check whether the mixed oxide layer.

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