Counterweight is widely

- May 23, 2016-

Counterweight is not only simple, low cost, and when selected, increase or decrease in weight of iron is very convenient, production and Assembly processes are greatly simplified. Counterweight is widely used as the user should be aware of, then the fitness machine estimate is the first time you heard it, nowadays, counterweight on a wide range of applications in a variety of general fitness machine.

Counterweight in the fitness machines including left and right rails, multiple counterweight, counterweight, pulling ropes, and connectors. Left and right guide rails are cylindrical. Counterweight to the ends of the semicircle-shaped guide Groove installation, counterweight both ends of the thicker thin stacked in the Middle forming a gap in the middle. Counterweight with hole in the Middle, plug the holes filled with cylindrical counterweight. With multiple ring grooves on the counterweight, ring groove between the distance and folded on the counterweight the counterweight on the spacing equal. Counterweight with pin-hole at the top, the lower part of the connector with a PIN, pin probe inserted in the PIN holes on the two core together. A fork inserted through the gap between the counterweight cartridge weight iron ring groove.

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