Machining Metal CNC Precision Turned Parts

Machining Metal CNC Precision Turned Parts

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Sunyuu is one of the top companies in China that specializes in precision machining. We are able to process high precision CNC machining with stable and reliable quality. The current pulse equivalent is generally 0.001mm and high-precision CNC machining system can go up to 0.02-0.05mm. We don't offer any ready made parts and are manufacturing the custom parts from your drawings or existing samples. We can make the parts with aluminum 6061T, 6063,7075T, brass, plastic,stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium etc. 

MaterialAluminum , Copper , Brass ,Stainless steel, ABS, POM, PP, PU, PC, PA66, PMMA, PVC, PVE and others as per requirements

Process range

1. Metal and Plastic Rapid Prototype

2. CNC Machining Parts: Turning, Milling, Stamping, Bending, Welding, Tapping, Riveting, Gear cutting, Wire-cutting, etc.

3. Customized Aluminum casting

4. SLA & SLS 3D Printing 

5. Industrial design, 2D & 3D drawings design

6. Reverse engineering

7. Silicone mold, Injection mold, Vacuum casting

8. Tooling and Fixture Designing and Processiing

Surface Treatment/FinishAnodize, Chromate, Electrolytic Plating, Nickel Plating, Galvanize, Tempered, Paint, Powder Coating, Polish etc.

Heat treatment capabilityAnnealing, Normalizing , Nitriding, Tempering , Carbonitriding

ApplicationAutomotive, Automation, Test systems, Sensors, Medical, Sports, Consumer, Home appliance,Electronic, Pumps, Computers, Power and energy, Architecture, Printing, Food, Textile machinery, Optical, Lighting, Security and safety, AOI, SMT equipment, etc.

InspectionIn-house or third party, all the products are strictly inspected by skilled QC

Service TypeOEM & ODM

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