China Is Expected To Become One Of The World's Largest Mould Manufacturing Base

- May 23, 2016-

Year mold industry progress over the years, prompted the emergence of a large number of leading enterprises in our country today, China's mold industry has developed a distinctive mould production bases of industrial clusters, provide a platform for mould Enterprise scientific development. Meanwhile, the innovation ability of enterprises are increasing, with a number of independent intellectual property right, mould enterprises will have more competitive in the future.

Although the industry maintained a good momentum of development in China, but China's mold industry price war for a long time, resulting in long wandering in the world of mould industry low, China's mold industry must transform the way they compete, change China's mold industry low end status.

China mould production lots, each big enterprise overcapacity, inventory problems, in order to increase sales, so companies will lower prices. Your prices, I also reduced prices lower was troubled by mold industry, corporate profits has been compressed, the whole market has become chaotic. Belonging to the price war vicious competition in the long run, will seriously affect the development of the whole industry. Mold enterprises in China should be the scientific and technological content of the products increase from the current price war to technological competitiveness.

Throughout the development process, related industries and enterprises need to scale greater heights under diving, pay close attention to new technologies, new technology research, gradually formed a division of labour, there is collaborative, multidisciplinary and comprehensive research and development patterns, the introduction of products with independent intellectual property. Simple grab market share from the current don't make a profit, a share market mutual benefit. Believe that after Chinese companies transform the way they compete, the production level can greatly enhance and effectively out of the competition, let the mold industry to the next level.

China's cheap labor cost advantage and overall good momentum of sustained and rapid economic development, China's mold industry with good development prospects, now China's mold industry through the introduction of foreign capital, absorbing foreign advanced experience in mold manufacturing, advanced technology and high level of talent, our mold design and manufacturing level has been greatly improved.

Die industry in China has more than 100 enterprises was awarded the "backbone enterprise in China" award in the industrial layout, die industry in China is a more developed Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and extended from the North to the Mainland, there have been some new moulds to produce more focused areas. And drive alignment of internal and external environment, expected by 2015, and die production and sales in China will reach 350 billion yuan. By 2018, China will become one of the world's largest mould manufacturing base.

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